No patio is complete without an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.  A fireplace not only is a great focal point for your outdoor entertaining area, but it serves as a great way to provide heat on those colder summer nights.  A fireplace extends the time spent outdoors, creating a space that is comfortable spring, summer, and fall.  Fireplaces and fire pits are allowing south western Pennsylvanians to comfortably enjoy three seasons of outdoor living.

We offer a great selection of pre-fabricated fireplaces in addition to our custom-built fireplaces which are created to meet your specific needs.  Most units are gas or propane units; however, if you prefer, wood burning units are also available.

Now we understand there are also areas in your outdoor room that might not get heated entirely by your fireplace.  That’s why we also offer outdoor heating units from Solaira that while they are small in size, they are able to heat a 10ft x 10ft area.  Because these quartz heaters use infrared technology, the cost of operation is minimal!  The best part is, they plug right in to a standard 110v outlet and like all of our products at The Outdoor Kitchen Company, the heat lamp is weatherproof.

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