So you want to build an outdoor room at your house.  Where should you start?  It is our philosophy to always start from the ground up.  In this case, we are literally talking about the ground.  In the Pittsburgh region, rarely are we starting with a flat, level yard.  Often times we need to develop a flat, level, area on which to create your outdoor room.  This is accomplished with the use of retaining walls.  We build our retaining walls with versa-lok in order to achieve the perfect balance of function and beauty.

When it comes to patios, we offer a number of options to choose from – whether you are looking at the beauty of artistic stone pavers, the rustic appeal of brick pavers, or the simplicity of concrete, the choices are endless.

Now some people prefer a wood deck for a patio.  If think you would like a wood deck, have you considered using vinyl?  Vinyl decks are a great way to have the same look and feel of wood decking but without the upkeep and maintenance of staining!  Both options are available.

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